Active and inactive records and files – are yours safe, secure and managed?

Balancing the need for immediate accessibility to your business records with compliance and security concerns is challenging. Limited office space often results in less than optimum storage choices. Misfiling of documents leads to a loss of productivity and increased labor costs. Your staff simply may not have the space, time or knowledge to properly manage your information assets.

Choosing the right records management company helps you stay focused on your core business. CPG has the expertise and knowledge that enables your business to access and securely store your records with complete confidence. Our records storage facilities ensure the security and confidentiality of both active and inactive files while our inventory management system enables barcode tracking and quick retrieval of your records.

CPG is different  from other records management companies. We’ve implemented personalized record storage solutions for small business and corporate clients in the financial, legal, accounting and healthcare industries as well as public sector government agencies. Striving to understand the workings of each individual organization is extremely important to us. It enables us to deliver a personalized solution that best fits each customer’s organization.


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